Medicinal Cannabis as an Energy Stimulant

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Articles |

Cannabis is a complex plant that contains hundreds of cannabinoids, terpenoids, and terpenes. Medical Marijuana has numerous, if not hundreds, of applications as a medicinal drug that helps millions of people suffering from approved medical conditions cope with and treat their associated symptoms—to not only help them find relief, but also improve their quality of life and even save their lives in many instances.


Strains and Hybrids

The common knowledge about cannabis strains generally divides them into two distinct categories: Sativa or Indica. Sativas are generally associated with producing a vibrant high, while Indicas are known more for their sedative quality.

But they’re not purely exclusive to each other without some crossover. In many cases, the cannabis you’re taking is a hybrid: a varying amount of one strain combined with the other (remember what we said about cannabis being a complex plant?).

It would be more logical to categorize the strains as either Sativa-dominant or Indica-dominant. Some of the reasoning behind the hybridization of cannabis is due to the rate at which each strain of the plant ripens and what its use will be.

So rather than waiting longer for a pure sativa strain plant to ripen, by varying the amount of indica it contains, it will ripen quicker and become a mature plant that’s ready to be harvested for use faster. Because each strain varies in the amount of cannabinoids, terpenes and terpenoids it contains, it will produce a variety of effects when consumed.


Getting Energized

If you’re suffering from fatigue due to symptoms produced by depression, insomnia, stress, or another disorder, the right cannabis strain or strain combination can help provide an uplift to your energy level and get you moving with more pep in your step!

According to a number of researchers, the sativa strain is generally made up of the types of cannabinoids and terpenes that help energize and revitalize you more than indica strains, and even strains high in CBD can boost energy levels. It may take a series of trial uses to find the right strain composition for you, but there’s plenty of information out there available to help you make a choice.

Some of the strains that you might find give you the energy boost you’re looking for are Jillybean, Harlequin, Chocolope, Ghost Train Haze while strains that have an abundance of cannabinoids such as high-CBD containing Harlequin, and purebred landrace strains like Durban Poison—which has been defined a “cannabis espresso”, plus others such as Panama Red and Thai Sativa provide a reliable, potent kick that elevates your energy level.


Thought Stimulators

So, as long as cannabis has been known to have many medicinal uses and benefits, its ability to boost and stimulate energy levels often contradicts its long-held misconception as a “stoner” drug for slackers. The most energetic strains of cannabis have the capability to keep you energized and motivated with bursts of energy throughout your daily activities.

Consult and work with your local dispensary to choose the right strains and forms of medicinal cannabis that can help you achieve the results you long for!


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