Diamonds & Sauce – Reserve by Cresco

by | Nov 28, 2018 | Product Guides |

RESERVE Diamonds are the product of the perfect crystallization of THC-A, a flawless representation of one of the most soughtafter compounds in cannabis. Similar to their earthen counterparts, Diamonds are formed naturally over extended periods of time with an artful application of heat and pressure and are further refined to near absolute purity. This pellucidly isolated expression of THC-A allows for both precise and versatile applications with a degree of targeted efficacy rarely seen in medical cannabis.

RESERVE Sauce represents the liquid manifestation of a strain’s comprehensive terpene profile. Accompanied by a strainspecific suite of cannabinoids, Sauce’s unparalleled concentrations of terpenes act to modulate effect by promoting a dynamic level of psychoactivity. Sauce can be consumed singly for a more physical and analgesic effect or blended with Diamonds for maximum cerebral stimulation.


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